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Occupancy study

Single Tenant

A working concept based on low sharing is being implemented in the building at Werinherstrasse 83 in Munich. There are a total of 42 workstations available, but also a staggering 77 work locations to meet employee needs.

The workstations are designed to allow for a low sharing rate, making them suitable for 42 individual employees. However, in addition to this, 77 different work locations are available to meet the different needs and work styles of employees.

This concept is characterized by its adaptability and diversity to offer employees a wide range of work environments that meet their individual needs.

Occupancy study

Single Tenant

An innovative work concept based on intensive sharing is being implemented at Werinherstrasse 83 in Munich. Although there are 30 workstations available, we offer an impressive variety of work locations to meet the individual needs of our employees.

Our workstations are designed to enable a high sharing rate and can be used by a large number of employees. Additionally, we offer a wide range of work locations throughout the building to accommodate the diverse work styles and needs of our employees.

This concept is characterized by its flexible and collaborative work environment, which allows our employees to do their work efficiently while benefiting from a wealth of resources and diverse work locations.

Occupancy study


In this New Work concept in a multi-tenant version, a sharing model is implemented. A total of 55 workplaces are divided into two rental units. One of the units provides 23 jobs while the other provides 19 jobs. Both concepts are aimed at a moderate sharing model.


The dark areas in the transition areas between the rental units have been functionally designed and offer a lounge and a community area for use.

Basically, both concepts are based on the idea of loud and quiet zones, which are characterized by classic workplace islands and more functional modules.

2 - Corridor-F.png

Revisco is an experienced company that specializes in the development and realization of commercial and residential projects. Since 2006, Revisco has been developing visionary concepts and implementing them efficiently and purposefully into economically lucrative properties. The company offers its customers tailor-made solutions and is a reliable partner for the development and realization of commercial and residential projects. Revisco places particular focus on the quality and intensity of project management in order to achieve the best possible results for its customers.


Linus Goedecke
Associate Office Agency
Savills Immobilienberatung-GmbH Rosental 4, 80331 Munich

Alexander Meyer
Head of Munich Office
Savills Immobilienberatung-GmbH Rosental 4, 80331 Munich



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